Depth of Field & Perspective

1. Shallow Depth of Field-



Depth of field controls what is clear and unclear in a photo. Shallow depth of field is when the object closest to you in the photo is in focus and the objects further back, surrounding it are out of focus. To get this photo, I focused on the edge of the handle & the droplets closest to me so that the rest of the structure was out of focus. This created an interesting overall image because your eye is drawn to this object that you wouldn’t normally pay attention to.

2. Perspective-



Perspective allows us to see things smaller the further away they are or bigger the closer to us they are. This gives us an idea of size, depth & space. When taking this photo, I got down so that the bench was almost at eye level and took it so that you would have the idea that the bench is long and you can imagine how far the other end of it is from where the camera was.

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