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Painting with light

First a flash and a photograph of me was taken, and after that my group members came with a red torch covered with a red transparent paper, which that group member moved that torch around the area where I was … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting for Mood

For this photograph we use two main light on the both side of Ivan as it shows high key, and I took the photograph from a high point of view with a wide angle distortion which came to fruition with … Continue reading

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Best Portrait

This photo of Ferdinand was taken with short lighting by placing the light on the side of the invisible ear, which create a light and dark composition and also making the portrait look more dramatic.

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Lighting Direction – Tenzin Kalden

This photograph is taken over a white background with side light floodlight from left with diffusion, the background appears to be gray because the sunflower is far away from the white background with the light on side of the sunflower.

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ICP Sebastião Salgado: Genesis Exhibit

ICP is holding Sebastiao Salgados gallery called Genesis which is his series of black and white pictures on global issues. As soon as I walked in and got my ticket from the counter a few steps from the counter you … Continue reading

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Shallow Depth of Field

  The distance between the nearest and the farthest point that appear in sharp focus of a subject or and object of a photograph is called depth of field. I got this shallow depth of field picture of the size … Continue reading

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Wall Close Up

From all the hundred of pictures we took at the class trip to the Brooklyn Bridge park, I like this the most as it shows pattern and the close up makes it more intense then its suppose to be which … Continue reading

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Learning Log #2 (Best Picture)

  From the group pictures that were taken today at class I chose this picture as it’s taken in low angle as we can see the bottom of the chair. It is a close up picture of the chair, and … Continue reading

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Home Work Assignment #1 Photo Description Twins Shoe Repair Shop, 1976 from his Harlem, USA photograph gallery, photographed by Dawoud Bey. As stated in his project statement Dawoud has never lived in Harlem, but the photographs that he took of the people in Harlem were … Continue reading

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This photo just like the title implies is a photo taken from above in a bird eye view from a helicopter of the people riding the snow sled pulled by dogs. The shadow of the helicopter can be also seen … Continue reading

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