ICP Sebastião Salgado: Genesis Exhibit

ICP is holding Sebastiao Salgados gallery called Genesis which is his series of black and white pictures on global issues. As soon as I walked in and got my ticket from the counter a few steps from the counter you can see the photographers name and the name of the gallery Genesis in bold at the wall with his picture of an Iceberg between Paulet and the South Islands on the Antartic Channel. There were two floor 1st floor and an underground/basement with more than 200 black and white photographs of wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, and indigenous people of different tribes of different countries. Its titled Genesis as it’s raising public awareness about the pressing issues of  environment and the climate change.


The subject matter of the exhibit was to show the part of the world that are untouched from the urban cities/life and also to show how people used to live. Every photograph was taken in black and white and what I saw in the gallery where landscapes, seascape, indigenous tribes and different kinds of animals in their natural habitat. Other than the minimum glacier present in the Antarctic photographs of the penguins, we don’r really see any result of climate changes, I’m guessing to show that we got to raise awareness for climate change as place like this and the people and animal living in it will have a huge impact from the climate change.

I loved the picture of a Galapagos giant tortoise because as it shows shallow depth of field on a eye level view with the focus on the tortoise itself with some exposure compensation to get more details of the tortoise as it is the main focus of the photograph. The fact that they can live more than 150 years  and Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution at Galapagos Island and Darwin used to have a pet Galapagos giant tortoise called Harriet   (c. 1830 – June 23, 2006) which lived past Darwins death and lived until 175 years which is astonishing.

Y1DkyKu_nChvd8K5HgFtlQawYr8EdGrT1BUk8jD6_8o(Picture from the gallery, not the picture of Harriet) mccFB9n31D8haE9_pkNotmHc0JNSQv2DRmtfsZJCLSM

The gallery is named Genesis as it shows how the world used to be before we started to modernize and slowly forgot to take care of  Earth. This gallery takes us back in time were it was just simply to live and survive from the land. The whole gallery sums up to show what we are trying to save from the climate change, the ingenious tribes and animals that rely on the land, and the changes in the climate is having or will have a huge impact on us and them. This gallery brings an awareness to show, what we will lose to climate change if we let it happen which would be the end of our becoming.

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  1. rmichals says:

    You summarized Salgado’s intention well. The photo that you chose is astonishing because as you say it is shot at eye level. Salgado managed to get up close and personal with the tortoise and just like with people when you have eye contact there is a much stronger connection for the viewers with the subject being photographed.

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