This photo just like the title implies is a photo taken from above in a bird eye view from a helicopter of the people riding the snow sled pulled by dogs. The shadow of the helicopter can be also seen in the picture. From a first glance you will mistake this picture as a black and white because of the lights bouncing from the white snow.The picture also has shallow depth of field.

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One Response to Photo- “SLEDDING RACE FROM ABOVE”

  1. rmichals says:

    This is an amazing bird’s eye view photo. I would not however describe it as having shallow depth of field. Because this is an aerial view, everything is at more or less the same distance from the camera and the blurriness seen in the upper right corner is not because that is so much farther away. Maybe there is blowing snow or some other reason the upper right corner looks soft. For depth of field to be relevant, there must be subjects at different distances from the camera.

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