Sebastiao Salgado “Genesis”

As soon as I walked in ICP I was honestly confused I didn’t know whether if I was in the right photo gallery or not until I turned around and seen the title “Genesis” in big bold red text on the wall. I walked closer and started to read the body text, and Lelia Wanick Salgado explained that Genesis was about going back to the beginning of Earth’s true form before modern technology even existed. Traveling to different parts of the world to recapture the essence, and beauty of Earth’s mountains, animals, and people that aren’t in touch with today’s modern world.

What I notice that Salgado did is that each part of the Gallery had two different sections like the large landscapes and big beautiful mountains of areas in Alaska, and another section of people in the Amazons. It was beautiful, and what I loved most was that THE museum had his books and you were allowed to sit and read them, and in one of Salgado books I read about how he had complications getting the right shot of a turtle. He explained to be a great photographer you have to have patience, because it took him forever to actually get a perfect photo. He described that he had to act like the turtle; got low and copied it’s movement. Once the turtle knew that he respected it’s territory the turtle became more comfortable.

My all time favorite photo of the Salgado show would have to be of the Adansonia trees, I think I stared at that photo for probably 10 minutes. The really high use of contrast, the photo had a bird’s eye viewpoint.



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  1. rmichals says:

    I too love Salgado’s description in his book of how he got that tortoise photo. He is really dedicated to his work.

    Your report is a bit on the short side.

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