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I wasn’t here for this class but I chose this photo because i like her expression, and the way the photo was taken. It looks like the photo was taken at eye level and the lighting is very bright not … Continue reading

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  I like this photo because of the high contrast. I think the brightness of the yellow is really beautiful and I like how the background is very dark matching the middle of the sunflower.

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LL6 Salona Johnson

The photo I chose is a backlight photo. In a backlight photo the object you are shooting is creating more of a silhouette rather than a clear shot.

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Sebastiao Salgado “Genesis”

As soon as I walked in ICP I was honestly confused I didn’t know whether if I was in the right photo gallery or not until I turned around and seen the title “Genesis” in big bold red text on … Continue reading

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Salona Depth of Field

What I like about this photo is how the middle of the photo is what is catching your attention, it’s shallow in the front and also in the back. What I think about Depth of Field is making an objector/person … Continue reading

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LL3: Salona Johnson

  Even though I wasn’t present last week Thursday I still did a little photography on my own. I took this picture outside under a couple of trees. The view point of this photo would be worms eye view. I … Continue reading

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LL2: Salona Johnson

I chose this photo because I think it’s a good example of birds eye view and I like the way it’s positioned at the bottom of the stairs. I also like how it’s not really clean.

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Salona Johnson H.W

The photo “A Boy in Front of the Loews 125th Street Movie Theater, 1976-Harlem Stories” photographed by Dawoud Bell. In the Harlem Stories Bells shows the beauty of Harlem and the beauty of the people that live there. In this photo … Continue reading

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LL1: Salona Johnson

  Looking at this photo I first thought it had something to do with a clothing line, and it didn’t seem very intriguing, but as I read the caption under the photo, and what the photographer (Fred Ramos) purpose was, … Continue reading

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