Homework Assignment I



As I looked for photos to complete this assignment the photo that I really grabbed my attention was “Garden Barber Shop” by Dawoud Bey in his Harlem, USA collection. I thought was visually engaging. This photo was taken in 1975. In this photograph is a man standing in front of a barber shop glass window. I believe the man is a barber that works there. The man is standing, looking into the camera with his left hand on his hip. Looking at this picture I would say the mood could be described as proud and content. The man in the picture looks as if he is satisfied with the success of the barber shop. Or maybe he really values the barber shop and is proud to work there.

Dawoud Bey decided to make this picture black and white. Analyzing this picture I would say that it is Directional-diffused light. Due to the fact that this picture is black and white gives it a high contrast tone, there are very dark shadows and very light areas. This photograph also has a shallow depth of field because the man in the photo is standing right in front on the glass window of the barber shop, the distance is not far. The space and perspective of this photo can also be described as shallow space because the object are all close together in depth. He is also looking straight forward in to camera which implies that the viewpoint of the photo is at eye-level. I would describe the lines in this photograph as horizontal because of the text on the window but I would also say vertical because the man is standing up right.

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  1. rmichals says:

    You are correct that this is directional-diffused light. We can tell where it is coming from but the shadows are soft. I wouldn’t really say that this is high contrast though. there is a good range of tone.

    also, after today’s class, I hope the difference between shallow space like the man in front of the window and shallow depth of field which refers to focus is clear.

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