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This is my favorite shot from class using soft light. I like this shot because her facial expression shows that she’s in a good mood.

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I really like the contrast of light and dark in this image. The darkness of the background really emphasized the color on the flower.

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Sebastiao Salgado Exhibit “Genesis”

Nelson Daniel Agyei-Odame GRA 2330 Digital Photography Photography Exhibit Genesis   The photo exhibit by Sebastiao Salgado was very edifying for me. As I observed the images at the exhibit it raised several questions. There were approximately one hundred and … Continue reading

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Shallow Depth Of Field

Shallow depth of field is when a photo ha a specific focal point while the rest of the photo is soft. For example when a photo is focused on a subject in the foreground the middle and background would be … Continue reading

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I really like this picture because I think it can be considered both rule of third and also a pattern picture.  I also like how there’s not only one pattern. There is a pattern on the gate but there is … Continue reading

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Homework Assignment I As I looked for photos to complete this assignment the photo that I really grabbed my attention was “Garden Barber Shop” by Dawoud Bey in his Harlem, USA collection. I thought was visually engaging. This photo was taken in … Continue reading

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a nice picture I learned some new things in class today about photography and photo-vocabulary. The photo that really stood out to me was the one with the tennis player called “FOREHAND FOWARD” by Al Bello. I really liked this picture because … Continue reading

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