30% — Main projects with their presentations and critiques
40% — Assignments: homework and tests
30% — Participation: Class Activities/Discussions

Grades Will be Posted To Via Blackboard or Open Lab
Please refer to the college’s catalog for numerical values of grades.

Main projects and their presentations 30%
Projects. There will be 3 major projects (their grades are averaged and are 30% of total/final grade). Projects must adhere to documented project guidelines and must be presented in a clean, professional manner.

Assignments – Homework 40%
Daily homework assignments support projects. Their grades are averaged and are 40% of total/final grade). Assignment work will be completed and per the specifications listed on class pages.

  • All assignments and projects have a very specific deadline/due date
    (Deadlines apply even if student is absent)
  • Students who are absent are responsible for what was missed
  • Late assignments and projects will only be accepted up to one class after the deadline.
    NOTE: All assignments and projects are due before class as per instructions.
  • Grading will start with a “85” for assignments that are handed-in late.
  • After the above deadline assignments will not be accepted & will result in an “F”/ 0 grade.
  • Handouts will be distributed via Open Lab

Participation: Class Activities/Discussions 30%
Type Challenges, Type Talk, Type Scavenger Hunt, others

Participation activities during class, are expected to be completed during the allotted class time (not after). These are not accepted late, unless specified by instructor.

  •  Grade reduction from 100 pts
    • no entry or posts to designated class activity (-3 pts each)
    • Wrong or incomplete entry to designated class activity (-1 pts each)
    • No comments during class critiques/ presentations. (-3 pt each)
    • Arriving to class late (-1 pt per lateness)
    • leaving early (-1 each)
    • Others (-1 pts each)
  • Student participation is also demonstrated by:
    • Posting and commenting on the shared class site, submitting your work, contributing to discussions, or giving peer feedback.
    • Paying attention and participating in critiques, presentations, and discussions.
    • Following best practices for face-to-face and/or online learning.
    • Class preparedness: bringing materials to class and checking the class site for instructions.
    • Asking questions, volunteering answers.


  • Critiques will be held during project presentations and some assignments to help you master the design vocabulary and support your fellow classmates. The critique is a neutral, supportive dialog with members of the class. All students will present their work and discuss the strengths and weaknesses with regard to the project guidelines.


In addition to work during meetings there is an expectation of Independent Work.

In order to meet the coursework requirements, you are expected to work at least 4 hours each week outside of class meeting time. Lab time will be available to help you meet the requirements, but you will need to schedule work time to complete your coursework.

NOTE: No extra work is given for a better grade and/or to compensate for missed projects and assignments.