Journal#4 My first project

I have been working since last week on the design of a logo. It is my first time designing a logo for a psychotherapist. Prof Goldfeld provided me with the questionnaire the client filled out, but the only thing that emerged from it was her passion for surfing and for nature. After conducting my research for inspiration I decided to focus on the natural element that she mostly liked, the ocean or better water, so I tried to integrate the element into the design. The difficult part was to design a logo that wouldn’t remind a surf shop, giving a professional and caring vibe. I gave up on a few designs and showed them to Prof Goldfeld for feedback. She picked 3 of them, suggested a couple of adjustments, and helped me to create the pdf presentation she would have shown to the client.

I am not sure I can show the name of the client until the logo is done and on her website, so I am going to show only the wordmarks or the icons and the color palette I came up with. Prof Goldfeld was able to schedule a meeting with the client on one of the days I am usually available to intern. I am excited about the idea of being present at such a meeting. Even though I was commissioned a few logos in the past (by friends), I have never had the opportunity to present my design in a professional environment.

After I finished working on the presentation, Prof Goldfeld introduced the second project I was going to work on during the week about an exhibition that will take place at the JTS center at 3080 Broadway, in Manhattan. JTS is an institution of Jewish higher education that trains thoughtful and innovative leaders such as rabbis, cantors, educators, lay leaders, and scholars, and it is also committed to strengthening the connection between the North American Jewish community and Israel. My task is to collocate the pictures and documents on the different displays the hall offers with their exact measurements and sizes. It is a meticulous project that actually teaches how the work is presented and printed to the audience.

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