If you have read my previous journal entry, this week I was supposed to join the meeting with the client. Unfortunately, I had covid so I was off for a couple of days. The day after, prof Goldfeld sent me an email to check in on how I was feeling and to let me know that “Sarah liked the logos very much — her favorites were the script sc and the heart. She liked the wave too but it was too literal for her purposes.” I was so glad the client liked them. I think they look way better after I adjusted them under the direction of prof Goldfeld. The first sketches had thick lines and the sc script looked too wavy as I designed them.

My next task was to pair the icon logo with a typeface. It took me a little bit to figure out that a wavy logo would work better with a medium-weight straight-line modern sans serif font, but it worked well also with more classic serif fonts. We presented again the logo with two sans-serif fonts and a serif one. As I know, after the first meeting prof Goldfeld and the client were communicating mostly by email. The client proposed to introduce a second color to the icon logo. The color palette choice was made according to the client’s hobby and passion for nature, but also in connection with the medical field. The client infact liked them.

Even though covid hit me pretty bad, on day 4th at home I was kind of able to work on a very challenging and meticulous layout. My ability to focus was limited, but I did my best to work on the layout’s exhibition. Prof Goldfeld asked me to design the exhibition panel’s introduction and to organize every single artwork on the 3 different panels. The organization of the artworks wasn’t in some way already done, I only had to follow the list of the items and transfer them to the Indesign file with their exact size. The entrance exhibition layout was pretty challenging since I had to consider different elements such as the eye high of the exhibition’s visitor, or the minimum font size to use for it to be able to be read at long distances. I can’t wait to see the layout printed.

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