My Bio

Hi!  My name is Guangyu Chen, this month I am turning to 20, and I

amcurrently taking the preart design subjects at New York City College of

Technology. Painting is only a subject I interested it. When I was little, I have

seen a lot of good drawing and paintings which created by my father.

However, it was pity for I did not learn his skills before he went to New York

City. But, I still keen to the subject of art.  In the second semester of my

Freshmen year, I gradually found my favorite subject; it possibly will become

my major in college. That is foundation drawing and figure drawing. They all

have same purpose which is to show the real thing and the details between the

objects and human. Right, the impression is really like the real thing. Of

course, the real things are very challenge for me, because I am not a good

painter, and there have a lot of well-known senior artist in the world. But,

this will not become a problem to stop my footsteps. Instead, I will try my best

to touch my goal. Furthermore, I hope to become a professional painter, let

more and more people to enjoy with my painting.  Thus, I think the world’s

most beautiful paintings that are realistic.

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