Meeting Minutes, November 19, 2012

City Tech Games & Learning Faculty Interest Group
Monday, November 19, 2012

Attendees: Maura Smale (Library), David Smith (Entertainment Tech), David Barthold (Restorative Dentistry), Virginia Curran (Nursing), John McCullough (Entertainment Tech), Damon Baker (Entertainment Tech), Karen Goodlad (Hospitality Management)

Thanks to everyone for coming to our inaugural meeting! Below are some notes on our discussion.

– Interest in apps or other easy-to-use programs for creating/coding educational games: they’re out there, we can all compile a list together to share

– When designing games for classes, start with the learning objectives (just like any other lesson)

– For memorization, jeopardy or flash cards might be appropriate

– Interest in creating a gaming environment(s) that could be customized (skinned) for different disciplines

– A social environment with badges, a leaderboard, also discussed

– Also possibility of creating a library of games (board, card) and/or game pieces/materials

– Would be nice to collect a list of game experiments, what have we all tried?

– Sometimes game can be tied to a reward, points, even candy

– Competition can be helpful for teambuilding in classes

We decided to begin the conversation/collecting information on our OpenLab project that David S. created (thanks David!). The project is here – please join us!

We’ll also think soon about meetings next semester, perhaps 1-2 times per semester will work? We can also think on more informal gatherings, perhaps brown bag lunches for gameplay/playtesting?

Please share widely with your interested colleagues, thanks!

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