Spring 2013 meetings?

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope your holidays were restful and enjoyable.

I’ve just posted the meeting minutes from our inaugural meeting last November, which leads me to think about meeting during the Spring. Of course we have this space on the OpenLab to share resources and conversation, but would anyone be interested in meeting a couple of times during the semester? We could use the time to playtest games we’ve created, discuss new games or tools we’ve used, or even play some commercially-available games with an eye towards using them for teaching.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

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2 Responses to Spring 2013 meetings?

  1. Virginia Curran says:

    Wishing all many blessings in the New Year! I for one am still lightyears behind most of you in this blog and gaming…but continue with interest…I would love to get together again to hear more about games and learning.

    Thanks, Virginia

    • davidsmith says:

      I of course would love to meet several times this next semester. My schedule at the moment is fairly flexible, so let’s get a head count before trying to find a mutually convenient time.

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