My Experience

I had a great experience interning at WPC and I learned a lot. I learned so many things at WPC but one important thing I learned was about how the media is not what it use to be, and that there are many people that agree with what WPC is fighting for. Overall my internship experience was great, even though there weren’t many clients I learned that sometimes you don’t agree with a design a client likes. One would think a design could be better but the client loves it as it is. I also learned to work as a team and to manage time.

If I had to choose a role model I definitely chose my supervisor Lisa, she has so much knowledge and she is always running from place to place. She is always active and she is the only one in charge of WPC. I really had a great time at WPC and I learned a lot.

New Location

WPC will be moving by the beginning of December to their new office in the Bronx. As you might imagine the office looks a bit messy but that’s because we have being going through paper and boxes to select what will be going and what will be thrown out. All volunteers and interns are helping and it is so nice to see everyone work as a team. Since we don’t have a lot of clients I am helping go through papers and packing, it is an awesome experience! Since I work at a moving company I am showing them how to wrap furniture with plastic. I also decided to help WPC by using my car and bringing things to recycling places.

I was planning on volunteering at WPC after my internship was over but since they are moving kind of far I don’t think I will or maybe once a month.


Since the holidays are coming WPC (Women’s Press Collective) will be mailing holiday cards. The holiday cards that will be mailed were already printed while ago with the press they have, but my supervisor want to add an insert card letting people know that the office will be relocating to the Bronx. So we were assigned to design an insert card, I worked with another inter. First we brainstormed ideas and I was the one doing the sketches, the other intern was the one that executed the sketches in the computer. Collaborating again on another project was great, we did a good job and our supervisor selected our work to the printed and mailed.

I think collaborating with other people is the best way to finish a project fast and with good quality. The other intern and I finished the insert within few hours, now it just has to be printed and mail.

Events and Role Model

I haven’t attendant an event at the organization, there have been few events but I haven’t been able to attend because of my regular work schedule. There is one important event for WPC coming up but I wont be able to attend because of work and my classes. In this event WPC will be screening a film related to what their organization do, it is an important event because they will try to raise money for WPC, important people from the media will be attending, people that works for ABC, The New York Times among others.

One person I would consider as a mentor or role model would most likely be my supervisor, Lisa Daniell. She is not only in charge of supervising the graphic designer inters but she is also the one that runs WPC, she has many roles. I would consider her as a role model because she is always running from place to place, she answers phone calls, she organizes events, she meets up with clients, Lisa is in charge of many things at WPC. I admire Lisa Daniell because she is able to manage so many things, I would probably be frustrated having to do so many things, and she probably also has other life outside work. I want to be like her, been able to manage so many things and not be tired or frustrated at the end of the day, she has so much energy.


So far I think I am doing great at my internship, I always follow my supervisor’s instructions. Every time I arrive to my internship my supervisor gives me instructions of what my task is for the day. Every Saturday morning, people working that day gathers around and Lisa my supervisor gives us an idea of what the day will be like and each one of us is given a different task, I always try to complete the work fast. There aren’t that many rules at WPC to follow. One can use the bathroom at anytime and as many times as you need, you can have lunch at anytime, if you need to leave early you can, and if you can’t attend work a day after one just let the supervisor know and she will be ok with it. Even though there are not many rules at my internship I always behave as if there were, I have only been absent one day but I called my supervisor the week before. I always try to be active and if I complete a work fast I ask my supervisor if she needs me to do something else. I think I am doing a job at my internship and I am having a great experience. Even though the required hours are 120 I am planning on doing extra hours and also after my internship class is done I will try to volunteer at WPC few days a month.


One project I worked with another inter was for an organization, PHC (Public Housing Communities). PHC was having and event and they needed help creating a booklet, in the booklet there was the name of the speakers, event schedule, and bios. We only had on week to create it, we met with the client, and during the meeting she described what she wanted and the details about the booklet such as measurements and colors. The other inter and I did not designed the whole booklet on our own, the client was seating next to us as we crated the booklet, she is the one that was choosing the typeface and color, we basically only did the layout and inserted the text.

Working with another person in this project was good because since we have different schedules and there was a deadline we rotated the work and we were able to accomplish the project on time. I also helped the client fix her logo and she was so happy with the final result. At the end the client was so excited with the booklet. I think the collaboration was successful.

What I Have Learned


What I have learned so far during my internship is that not everyone is going to agree on something you think loos good or bad. For example I helped a client to create a cover for a booklet and she chose a font that I thought wasn’t suitable but the client loved and she loved the final design of the cover. I thought we could of done better design but at the end of the day all that matter was that the client was happy.

All the work we do at WPC is free so I haven’t learned that much about the business side. Everyday is different at WPC, one day we could be meeting with a client, other days work on flyers for WPC, learning and working on the press they have, folding holidays cards using a special machine, or entering data on the computers, as I said everyday varies, but most of the time we sit on front of the computer.


Culture at My Workplace

At Women’s Press Collective there is no specific attire, most of the people working there dress casual. Most of the time I dress with a button-up shirt, pants and dress shoes. There are also some days I wear long sleeves shirts with no graphics, jeans or pant and regular shoes. The workstation at WPC is open work area, there are only four computers, therefore many of us interns bring our own laptops and we seat at the table where we have our meetings every Saturdays. A typical workday at WPC starts at 9am and ends at 5pm, sometimes it goes until 9pm depending on how much work there is to be done, but most of the time I am


there until 5pm. Our lunchtime is around 12pm, but one can have lunch at wherever time desire. On Saturdays our lunch is at 2:30pm. We have lunch at around 2:30pm because at 2pm we pick up food from a local restaurant that donates the food. We pick up food they served for lunch. The owner donates, mash potatoes, chicken, vegies, soups, and bread. The food is for all the people working at WPC.


My Role Within WPC

My role at Women’s Press Collective is helping clients design projects such as brochures, fliers and booklets. I don’t only help them with the design but I also show them some basics of InDesign and how it works. My supervisor is Lisa Daniell, she is in charge of everything that goes on in WPC.

I selected this internship after I applied at small studio near my house; the supervisor at the small studio took too long to replay back so I decided to apply at a different place. Professor Stella Nicolaou told the class about WPC, so I apply. I remember calling them one Friday about 10 times but no one ever answered. I decided to visit their office the next day, Saturday morning because they have orientation every Saturday. I arrived around 9am, Lisa Daniell, open the door and I told her who I was and the school I attend. Lisa was the one that conducted the orientation; she talked about WPC and what they did. The orientation lasted about one hour and after that I started my internship.

About WPC

The company where I am currently working for this semester is Women’s Press Collective (WPC). I am working as a designer, I also work as a team with other inters. WPC is a small organization located in Park Slope, Brooklyn (68 12th St). The organization is for the community, and anyone is welcome. WPC primary goal is to help the community and those people who want their voice to be heard. Most of WPC’s clients are people from communities with low-income. People come to the organization asking for help to create fliers, book covers, brochures, business cards, etc. All the work WPC does is free of charge, and all their supplies they provide are donation from people and companies.

WPC was founded in 1982 in Brooklyn. WPC is an all-volunteer, and non-government funded organization. The organization unites writers, designers, printers and other media professionals withthe community. Volunteers can sign up for anything they want; they can donate their time as drivers, teachers, and phone callers, among other things. The main focus of this organization was to help organize farmers and fight for their rights and have a voice through main media such as newspapers and flyers. The organization is not happy with what today’s media shows, instead of showing real news about the community and the things that really matter they focus on celebrities and the latest trends.