International Space StationToday’s blog topic concerns our depiction of Space as an alien environment, cold and shallow. As the majority of Humans have never experienced the conditions of Space and probably never will, we can’t say we haven’t been there. The closest thing Humans have to living in Space is the International Space Station, which lives in low Earth orbit. The image of the ISS is intimidating and lifeless, but shows our accomplishments to build and occupy a lab in Space the size of a football field. The Space Station is a border-less collaboration of many nations that build and experiment for the sciences. It is the longest occupied human presence in Space, yet is peaceful and unaffected by human relations down on Earth. All the violence, all the bias motives, and all the politics don’t reach the ISS, everything remains quite and neutral up here. A person can literally get away from it all up in Space. This image is from one of NASA’s renderings that show their great accomplishments of sending and building the parts and people that make the ISS possible. The image shows the completed International Space Station in all its glory, which is available as wallpaper for desktops of Space enthusiasts. What’s appealing to me about this image is its calmness. With all the extravagant efforts and restless nights planning and executing every peace of the Space Station, it finally floats finished but not forgotten. Although the Space Station is a technology mecca itself, the work being performed inside it is also revolutionary. Unlike other visual media in my blog, this one displays something that already orbits Space, a reliable and proven machine which has made other discoveries possible. The image encourages me to keep working towards a field with potential to build something like the ISS and bring us closer to Space. What I hope others will find appealing about this image as i do is that Space has no ceiling, and neither should our ambitions to grasp it.