Grammar Exam Answers

Since we won’t be able to go over the grammar exam in class, I have included the answers to the quiz below:

Grammar Quiz Answers

Monday, May 11th – Homework

Read “The Movie that Changed My Life” in The River Reader, pages 366-378 and be ready to discuss in class on Wednesday.

*Note: We will have a grammar quiz next Monday. On Wednesday, I will tell you what to expect on the quiz.

Wednesday, May 6th – Homework

Read “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and be prepared to write a practice final on it in class on Monday.

Extra credit (not required): rewrite your last practice final on Changes (the one on the prompt about texting and text speak) and turn it in on Monday. This assignment will not be accepted after Monday for any reason.

Monday, May 4th – Homework

Rewrite your argumentative essay for next Monday.

Read Women and the Future of Fatherhood in the River Reader on pages 549-556 and be prepared to discuss in class on Wednesday.


May the fourth be with you. 🙂

Wednesday, April 29th – Homework

Write an essay on the practice final exam topics here. Please indicate which one you have chosen (A or B) on your paper. This is due at the beginning of class on Monday.

Extra credit (not required): Rewrite your essay on “Thief” if you would like to earn extra credit. This is due at the beginning of class on Monday and will not be accepted late for any reason.

Monday, April 27th – Homework

Study your previous Commonly Confused Words quizzes for a quiz on Wednesday.

Your argumentative essay on “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” is due Wednesday.

Monday, April 20th – Homework

You should write an argumentative essay on “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.” Your thesis should be based on whether you would stay, go, or set the child free. You should feel free to argue any one of these opinions, even if it’s not the one you truly believe, as long as you can argue it well.

Your introduction must have a general statement (it can be a hook if you choose), you must introduce the three sides briefly, and then end with a thesis showing your very strong support of one of the options.

In the body, you must introduce the other sides of the argument and clearly and effectively refute them.

This is due Wednesday, April 29th.

The rewrite of your research paper is due Wednesday, April 22nd. You will get bonus points if you prove you went to tutoring to work on this paper.

Wednesday, April 15th – Homework

Read “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” on pages 380-388 before Monday and be ready to discuss the story. You should also comment on this post saying if you would choose to stay, leave, or set the child free. You do not have to explain your answer, because we will discuss it in class. Simply give your answer and be ready to discuss on Monday.

The second draft of your research paper is due on Wednesday, April 22nd. If you go to tutoring in AG-31 and get a slip saying you were there and worked on this paper with them, I will give you extra credit.

Wednesday, April 1st – Homework

Research Paper:
Please note: If you look at your syllabus (also available here under the tab labeled “Syllabus”), you will see that this research project counts for a huge part of your grade. If you are interested in raising your grade, doing well on this assignment  your best opportunity.

Your research paper and Works Cited page is due at the beginning of class on the day after Spring Break.


You have had weeks to work on this assignment so excuses such as “my printer wasn’t working” will not be accepted. You paper is due at the beginning of class Monday. No exceptions.

Oral Presentations:

Additionally, on the first two classes after spring break, we will be doing oral presentations on our research. Here is the information regarding that:

You will present a summary of your research to the class either the first or second class after spring break. Who goes on which day will be chosen randomly, so you must be prepared to present on the first day back.

Your oral presentation should consist of a brief overview of what you learned from your research. You will introduce yourself and your topic and then tell the class your thesis and the information you found that supports it. Think of it as writing a summary of your own research paper.

This presentation is for a grade and must be between 3 and 5 minutes in length. If it is longer than 5 minutes, then you will be cut off and lose points. If it is shorter than 3 minutes then you will also lose points. Practice at home and time yourself.

If you choose to have visual aids tell me at the beginning of class when we begin so I can be sure to plan around your set up time.

Late Assignments:

If I’ve told you there are late assignments you can turn in to raise your grade, these are due on the first day back from spring break. These assignments will not be accepted after this date for any reason.*

*Exception: If 2 drafts of the same paper are due, you can only turn in 1 draft on this day and we will discuss when the 2nd draft is due



Monday, March 30th – Homework

Work on research.

Finish “Easy Way Out” summary and response, and response, due in class on Wednesday.

Response question:

Do you think kids should be shielded from competition at a young age? Why or why not? Use specific points from the article and discuss them to make your point. Also include evidence from personal experiences, past readings, or things you’ve seen or heard about to help support your thesis.