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Grammar Exam Answers

Since we won’t be able to go over the grammar exam in class, I have included the answers to the quiz below:

Grammar Quiz Answers

Monday, May 11th – Homework

Read “The Movie that Changed My Life” in The River Reader, pages 366-378 and be ready to discuss in class on Wednesday.

*Note: We will have a grammar quiz next Monday. On Wednesday, I will tell you what to expect on the quiz.

Wednesday, May 6th – Homework

Read “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and be prepared to write a practice final on it in class on Monday.

Extra credit (not required): rewrite your last practice final on Changes (the one on the prompt about texting and text speak) and turn it in on Monday. This assignment will not be accepted after Monday for any reason.

Monday, May 4th – Homework

Rewrite your argumentative essay for next Monday.

Read Women and the Future of Fatherhood in the River Reader on pages 549-556 and be prepared to discuss in class on Wednesday.


May the fourth be with you. 🙂