Week # 2

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    Hi All, We just passed the second week of our production .
    * Our chefs Pauline Auguste and Ling Rong did a great job.
    * They were helpful. I was alone and they helped me a lot.
    * Even though we were short handed everything was on time.
    * Our professor is not only teaching us cooking, she is also teaching us
    how to manage and be on time, even when short-handed.



    The second week of our production was just as good as our first week even though we had more food to cook. I thought the chefs did a good job and our food were cooked on time for the service. Chef Stewart was also coaching us to work and help each other when needed. We passed a little over 9pm but we cleaned up on time.



    Being in the kitchen is my Paradise. I enjoy it under pressure and most off all when we work separate and then combine components. Ling and Pauline; did A tremendous job with their menu worksheet. Remember we are still learning, and a community of learners only learn more as time progress.Thanks Chef Stewart!

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