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    Hello all,
    Post a response to Blog It on Open Lab. Then read each other blogs and make at least ONE comment to one person’s blog entry.
    Prof. Alatriste




    I agree with the report when it says New Yorkers deserve access to safe,affordable and healthy food. Nowadays, diseases are caused mostly by food,so we must stand to give our people the best and healthy food. The government should give enough funds to our health sector to do its duties. We must have green markets in all neighborhoods and try to ban those fast food that lead to obesity; one of the most illness known in USA.


    Winnie Lee

    My reaction to the report is agreeable. I think those organizations in charge of having control of the food system should perform their plan of creating a new sustainable food system due to there are a huge proliferation of bacteria in the food that many people eat outside.One example is when people go to the restaurants, they don’t know what products or ingredients, the employees use to prepare the food. thats why, those people tend to get sick. Therefore, I suggest the government and those organizations to act now, and in that way, prevent people from any kind of diseases and infections.


    Winnie Lee

    Yes, Amarou. even though junk food is tentative to eat, I think that is the main cause of ilnesses in many americans. Those fast food restaurants should at least change one part of their menu which can include healthier food.



    I agree with you Winnie when you said people should know what they are eating. When they go to the restaurants,they should ask they employees what ingredients are in the food.


    Kazi Naznin

    I agree with the author Report about “Food NYC”. From my experice, In New York City has Lot of fast food stores then compeer to organic food stores. Which mean every street has some kind of fast food store. For example, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, Five Guys, KFC, McDonald’s etc. Those store care unhealthy high level fat, calories, oil, and suger foods, which mean most New Yorker eat fast food then organic food. Therefore, in New York city has more obisity, and dangerous sickness has happens. In result, New York spend lot of money diet related illnesses which cause my those unheathy food. I think New York City can take big action to reduce those kind of fast food. And make more option of having organic food.


    By understanding the New York food production and system, recognizing source and negative impacts of greenhouse gases (GHG), its environmental and social implications and all its adverse effects on the environment “land, water, biodiversity and atmosphere”, joining efforts and identifying specific issues concern, discussing key related to policies, environmental and food system change, having opportunity to anticipate and take positive actions or adapting measures to reduce GHG and help avoid dangerous consequences on environment, health etc…, outlining explicit goals of policies and exploring alternative pathways for reducing GHG,… It aims to help the authorities to provide clarity, new emphases, solid directions to find constantly solutions, to increase their researches, to find out more about the role of CO2 warming the atmosphere and it sources and promote a more sustainable, healthier and more equitable food system.

    So there’s nothing to argue against the text, however it’s important for New York State to study ways to improve food production and outline efforts to a food system reform. I think matters are of greater consequence than we imagine, issues go beyond… Nowadays, we can also understand the concept of global warming potential, we cannot underestimate this social and global phenomenon. The food system or production could be a problem, and we agree on this, but the self-control could be another problem… Now, it’s up to the government, the food industries and the population to prevent any bad consequences of their daily actions. As well, it depends of our government to protect their people, decide what kind of life they want for them and how to reach it.


    I Agree with your comment Amarou, The government should work with the food productions on creating healthy and organic foods; however, it’s up to the population to avoid junk foods with lots of bad fat products causing cholesterol and other diseases. So choosing healthy food can help anyhow.


    According to Scott Stringer, excerpts from “Food NYC”, Chapter 1, the text presents the research findings related to food production in New York, as well points to the (GNG) emissions, consumption and other negative environmental impacts from food system. According to the study, in September 2009, emissions are declined in some part of the city due to objectives and efforts made by the Mayor’s initiatives of New yok.
    The text also mentions other countries such as London and Sweden which have investigated environmental impacts of food production and consumptions. Those studies unveiled emissions associated with the food consumption, and identified great measures to reduce them.
    Finally, According to the text NY State Government have to keep on combining more efforts, improving and engaging more in food policy system change apt (able) to give access safe, affordable and healthy food for New Yorkers, as well producing an environmental, social, economic and sustainable food system.


    Minyu Chen

    I agree with the Food NYC report because I think the New York city should pay more attention to the food problem. Food is one of the major sources of human’s life because it maintains lots of issues, such as healthy, economic, illness and environmental impact. However, the NYC just saying but do nothing. I think the city should step up to do its part as London and Sweden did, because they were very successful in solving food problem. New Yorkers deserve better lives, and we can do better than the other cities around the world.


    Minyu Chen

    I agree with you Amarou. That’s true because food maintains healthy problem. The government should step up to this issue, and figure out a way to solve the food problem. Try to prevent obesity or illness. Give New Yorker a better life.



    Interest grows in urban farms: City’s Green Movement has ear of Wall Street
    In the article, “Interest grows in urban farms: City’s Green movement has ear of Wall Street”, by Danielle Sonnenberg, Special to amNew York, the author explains to us about the economic possibility that helps foster the urban farm on Wall Street. The article reports that the seeds have been planted for urban farming. Sonnenberg states that there are still many challenges to urban farming. She quotes Janine Yorio “The purpose of the conference was to bring Wall Street [into] a sector that needs capital”, “The dialogue was really focused on economics.” The author states that Schreibman runs a tilapia farm at his research center. She quotes Scott Stringer “I want to create partnerships with rural farmers, because in reality we can create an urban agriculture that could create thousands of entry-level jobs.” The article reports that Scott Stringer sees the economic potential.


    Summary of U3/Ch2:

    In “Interest Grows in Urban Farms: City’s Green Movement Has Ear Of Wall Street” by Danielle Sonnenberg, amNew York from http://gothamgreens.com/files/pdf/interest_grows_urban_farms.pdf, the author tells us that the citizens work together with city government to see the way they can improve health, food and environment, which are commercially viable for urban farms. According to the text the CEO of NewSeed, Janine Yorio and some of NewSeed Advisors regrouped with the city’s first sustainable agriculture investment to see if they can involve Wall Street into a sector that needs money to progress. That meeting was focused on economics. By the text, Mr. Scott Stringer, the Manhattan borough president believes possible economic potential in urban farms. The article concludes that Mr. Stringer wants to make partnerships with rural farmer and they can create an urban agriculture that could generate thousands of entry-level jobs.

    Website it and Blog it : U3/Ch2
    I realize the article “Interest Grows in Urban Farms: City’s Green Movement Has Ear Of Wall Street” by Danielle Sonnenberg, amNew York from http://gothamgreens.com/files/pdf/interest_grows_urban_farms.pdf, is very interesting when the citizens and the city government work together to improve urban farms. They try to involve Wall Street into sectors that need money to progress and those investments can help to built an urban agriculture that could generate jobs. I was happy to read this article because I remember in my country, Haiti especially in Jacmel the city government works together with the rural farmers just to help them improve a better economy by lending them supply to cultivate the land and even loan them money to buy seeds and help them watering the land in dry season. In my opinion, it is the same as Scott Stringer when he helps the rural farmers in NYC. Above mentioned in the link, referring to the second line in this text, Mr. Martin Schreibman, a Brooklyn College professor and director of the school’s Aquatic Research and Environmental Assessment Center, creates a tilapia farm at his research center, which can help to improve a sustainable economic entry and also generate a better life.

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