Re: Three Questions To Help Us Get To Know One Another



Nice to meet you all.

I’ll start by replying:
1. What was your dream when you were young & what is your current dream to accomplish now?
I have always dreamed about working with technology,so i entered the engineering field to accomplish this dream.Doesn’t hurt that it makes good money.

2. Did your dream change as you grew older or did it stay the same? If it changed, why?
It stayed the same for the most part.

3. How are you planning on to accomplish your dream?
When i get the money, i am going to start tinkering with anything i can find.I’ll have a workbench and see where my mind takes me from there.

1. What was one interesting thing you did over the summer?
I played lots of handball.Its a cool sport because rather then raw muscle,much more emphasis is placed on control,hand eye,reaction,and agility.

2. Do you have any plans for labor day weekend?
Well i have class on saturday,hehe.I do however plan on playing handball,or catching a movie.

3. What has your favorite class been at City Tech? Or, what class are you looking forward to taking?
So far,Logic and Problem solving.Its been something i have always been interested in,so it really keeps my focus.

1.Why is it that you chose to attend a CUNY as opposed to a SUNY,
Its cheaper and closer to attend a CUNY.

2.If you were able to bring about something impossible to reality, what would it be? (for me, a time machine)
Probably magic,lord knows the world needs some of that.

3.What is something that ‘Grind your Gears’?
When people are smoking,and the tobacco cloud goes into my face.

My questions:

1.Have you ever written a story you were proud of?
2.What was your biggest fear about college life?(If any)
3.If you could drop one class(if any) what would you drop?