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Response to Hafsa009:
1) I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully the limit is not strict.
2) I’d say it depends which way you want to go. You can always be safe and choose the popular ones like The Great Gatsby and Huckleberry Finn, or search for a list based on the subgenre you like.
3) Probably a month+

Response to Ami:
1. What type of Japanese poetry do you like anyway, Ami? Sad, romantic, stoic, aggressive. You can try some of these:
2. We will probably be able to pick the subject. Unlike the first essay which says Textual Analysis, the final project seems open-ended.
3. Yes, tacos…and friendly classroom for social interaction.

Response to Christina:
1] Probably an analysis of a text just like the first essay, but I hope of one we get to choose.
2] Probably separate so that the professor can take a look at how we evaluated the novel we were writing about.
3] I think so, hence the course lol