Re: Please Introduce Yourself!



What is your name?
My name is Kent Earthman.
Which neighborhood/area do you live in?
I live in Bronx, New York.
What is your major?
I am a Computer Systems Major.
What year are you at City Tech?
I am a recent transfer to City Tech, but I believe I am classified as a Junior.
What have you been reading over the Summer break?
Over the summer I have stuck to reading mostly comics, but recently I finished the book ‘Ready Player One’
by Ernest Cline. It’s a great short sci-fi book about a bleak future where the world is in a terrible state after the fossil fuels of the world have been spent and most of the world’s overpopulated citizens can’t find work. The one escape people rely on is the OASIS, a virtual reality program where anything is possible. The story focuses on a teenager who is searching for Halliday’s easter egg. On his death the creator of the OASIS revealed that he had hidden an easter egg in the simulation, and whoever finds it would inherit his fortune. Being that he was obsessed with 80s culture, the entire book is full of obscure 80s references.