Re: Please Introduce Yourself!



Please introduce yourself by responding to the following questions:

What is your name?

• My name is Moises Quintero

Which neighborhood/area do you live in?

• I live in Staten Island, I like it here because it is really calm.

What is your major?

• As of right now i am undecided, but I plan on majoring in like Business management, or Hospitality Management. I do plan on opening up my own business one day.

What year are you at City Tech?

• I am a freshmen at City Tech

What have you been reading over the summer break?

• Over the summer I mainly spent my time working, I work in 2 different print shops, one in Brooklyn and one in Staten island. I wished I had gone out to another country but there is always time for that haha. Other than working, I also spent a lot of time with my family, little weekly get togethers. Nothing too exciting but whatever =)

If you would like to include any additional information about yourself, for instance, where you work, who you live with, what you do in your spare time, etc., we are always interested in knowing more about you!

I like to draw, in my opinion I think my work is pretty decent. I enjoy drawing almost anything that has small details and fine lines. Out of drawing came out tattooing, I have been tattooing on the side for about a year now, and within a month or two I will have my license and hope to open up a shop right after graduating. I am a physical person so you are always going to find me doing something outside. I enjoy playing volleyball, handball, and weightlifting. I have tried playing tennis but It did not get far (haha).