Hey Everybody It’s Frank Time!

pic of meHi my name is Frank Mason. I am a video gamer, lover of Japanese animation, Japanese cuisine and my wish is to become a computer programmer working for Square-Enix as a dream job. I am hoping to achieve my Bachelors degree in Emerging Media Technology while also pursuing my aspiration of becoming a sound engineer (or a DJ). But my main goal for the future is to create my own video game development company creating platformers and RPG’s.

I graduated with an Associate’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Bronx Community College. I then transferred to Lehman college for a semester, took a little time off and now I’m in City Tech. Eventually, I plan on obtaining my Master’s degree in Game Design and will ultimately continue onto a PhD. My hope is that this experience at CityTech will be more worthwhile and meaningful and I’m eager to learn many new skills and people throughout my time there.

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