Well, my work experience started as far back as 15 (2005) years old, when I would go on construction jobs with my father painting houses. But fast forward to 2008, I worked as a Operations Assistant, where I helped to maintained inventory of all the chemistry labs and installed lab equipment. For the last 3 years, I have been focusing my efforts on jobs that are part of my career, computer programming as well as Game Design from a computational standpoint. Currently, I am working as an intern at CoLab, where we are developing a curriculum for a media arts program that will teach teenagers and adults alike how to create their very own masterpiece by blending art and technology together. In the future, I hope to create my very own video game company and create many games. Who knows, maybe we’ll create the next Halo or Final Fantasy.



I won’t back too far, so I’ll be starting in college. My first stepping stone into adulthood came with Bronx Community College. It’s there where my Associate’s Degree in Computer Information Systems was obtained. This degree consisted of mostly computer programming classes such as Linux, HTML, Java, Visual Basic, and Python. My next stop was Lehman College. The time there was invaluable cause of not only the classes I took but the people I met.  The major that was pursued was Computer Science and it was also there that I learned I didn’t want to pursue Computer Science. So, I took a year off from college to work and learn about what I wanted. After some time, my journey led me to New York City College of Technology. Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelors in Emerging Media Technologies studying to become a Computer Programmer and Sound Engineer. I plan to eventually move on to my Master’s Degree, where my next stop will be the NYU Game Center, where I will obtain a MFA (Master’s in Fine Arts) in Game Design and Development. I also have plans to attain a PhD in Game Design within the next 10 years.



My skill set consist mostly of programming languages. However, I do know some products used to create artwork, mostly Adobe Products. The programming languages I do know are Processing, HTML, CSS, Linux, Python, and C++. I am mainly focusing on C++, HTML, and Python at the moment using software such as Blender in an attempt to create a short movie. I am using C++ mainly for Game Design while learning to use software designing exclusively from Sony and Xbox, to learn how to program on their consoles. My artistic consist of using mainly Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. I’ve used to create and edit short live action movies as well as designing movie posters and Television Ads. My aspiration in becoming a Sound Engineer has been to primarily make remixes and Mashups through the use of software such as Audacity, Reaper, and FL Studios.