Born and Raised in New York City, Miguel De Peña also known as Fluffy found himself passionate about art. At an early age Miguel enjoyed going to the carnival in Dominican republic and admiring the beautiful craftsmanship that was put into the costumes and masks of the diablos cajuelos- not only that, but also the scenery of the stages from which the diablos emerged ( also known as cuevas). At the age of 12 Miguel Started helping around at his uncles cellphone store. This turned into his first work experience. He quickly saw a demand for custom backgrounds and home screens for cell phones such as the sidekicks and blackberry’s. From then miguel started self teaching with the use of YouTube tutorials and trial and error. He learned how to use software such as Adobe’s Photoshop to create what customers long sought after. He started to develop in other softwares and techniques that would get him more business and by the time he was 14 Miguel officially launched his freelance business designing t-shirts, flyers, logos and banners. From then on Fluffy grew and word started to spread of the “new designer on the block”.