My First X-mas Card Photoshoot

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My First X-mas Card Photoshoot


2014 is the year that I really got serious about my photography.I started taking up on offers for new and challenging projects and this is one of them.I was referred to this client by another client of mine who was really happy with the work I had provided for her.This project was mostly challenging because I didn’t have the comfort of a photo studio were everything is on hand so I had to improvise and use what I had on hand I was fortunate enough to have two 300 watt flashpoint strobes with beauty dishes that created some amazing lighting for the multiple applications that i needed on set provided by one of my colleagues and transportation to the clients house.Another reason this project was a little challenging was the fact that i had to create print ready designs and edit a ton of pictures in a matter of hours because it was a rush order I dont feel like I did my full potential but I do feel like I did some good work with what I had.Here are some of the final images that I was able to create for this family.

(side note: Colors on some of the designs might look a little funny or off because those where designed for print in cmyk)

mia and wendy edited-7-3 mia and wendy edited-7 mia and wendy edited--2 mia and wendy edited-7-2 mia and wendy edited-3637 mia and wendy edited--3 mia and wendy edited--4 mia and wendy edited--6 mia and wendy edited- mia and wendy edited--5 mia and wendy edited--7 card1 card back 1 christmas banner custom back 1 christmas banner custom front chrisstmas card front

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