Fourth Visit to the BHS

This visit to the BHS felt like it was shorter than any other visit because time passed by too fast. During the short time though, we got to look at an atlas that was full of maps of Brooklyn. The maps were all different and they showed a lot of different information about Brooklyn. There was one that showed the types of areas in Brooklyn like if it was industrial area or if it was a high populated area. Another one showed the ethnicity of people living in different parts of Brooklyn. This map showed that everyone in Brooklyn was an immigrant and that NYC was made up of them, the most that filled up Brooklyn were Puerto Ricans. Another map showed the schools in Brooklyn so this meant that education was a big part of Brooklyn because there were a lot of schools locates in Brooklyn. Looking at the maps in an atlas was fun and all but the next time i want to get a look at the actual maps of Brooklyn from that time.

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