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How can someone save a document or artifact for an eternity? What would motivate this person or group of people to do so? The way I see people coming to this action is if this item has changed or influenced a generation. Many would argue on the different suggestions made, but what I would save is the documents to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook is one of the most influential people of the 21 first centuries. He and his creation “Facebook” has changed the generation point of view of what is socializing. Now people can talk across the world with just the touch of a few keys making everything far easier then what it used to be. There is currently 800 million users on Facebook that is a fact you just can’t ignore and with every single day that amount grows. Like in The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges if there were no books in the library it would be useless. This is the same with Facebook without people it wouldn’t have the same meaning.

Another person’s dedicated work that I think should be preserved is Adrian Smith’s, he is a amazing architect from Chicago. Although he is from the U.S his most notable work stands in Dubai. His most remarkable piece is known as Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest free-standing structure on earth at 2,716.5 feet tall. I think that the blueprints should be saved for future references. The reasons I suggest to do so is because this man has done what most can’t and had no idea on. With these blueprints they can make and construct even bigger and better buildings. In Funes, the memorius by Jorge Luis Borges, in his story the main character Funes collected every single detail to the minimum to piece everything together. I think that this important to preserving this precise document and achieve its true potential.

An influential person to the 21st century which I think can help evolve how we see music in the future is Jay-Z. Jay-Z did more to hip-hop then just make music, he made a business out of it. He made himself a product that people bought to this very date. I’m sure many artist idolize him and use him as an example of the career they would love to have. This is why I have this recommendation. I believe if the future had access to Jay-Z’s notes or his lyrics sheets they can have an idea on how he thought and made a connection to current event to emphasize his impact to the public. This three people have the possibility to influence and motivate a major change in the future.

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