Professional Editing and Revising

Welcome to Professional Editing and Revising.  This course focuses on the elements of editing and revising, especially when considering such things as audience, language, tone, and style in order to write, edit, and revise a variety of communiques in various workplace scenarios.

We will learn and develop the ability to rethink and adapt in ever-present writing exigencies as well as to analyze and understand a variety of communication situations, their needs, expectations, and constraints.  As a result, we will critique, explain, and practice the efficacy with which a variety of business and technical publications are able to meet their genre expectations.  Moreover, we will practice editing and proofreading as more than mechanical operations of correcting mistakes but as tied to the refinement of thought and expression.

By the end of the semester, you will be able to execute, practice, and speak competently upon the differences in content, quality, and nuance between inception and the finished piece, with an understanding of revision as beginning with the process of being able to see the same thing differently and refiguring the project, if necessary.

This site supplements and works in conjunction with our corresponding Blackboard site.  You will use this site to retrieve documents (syllabus), to keep track of readings and assignments, and to post comments, when necessary.  You will use Blackboard site to engage in discussion board posts, submit assignments and quizzes, and other major work.  Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the different components of the site.  You should check this site daily for updates.

Dr. Ferdinand