Day 6 Training Journey

Still working on our group project in today, I was so hard to pick colors on my name tags, I try to making all of four is different, but I can’t. Because black typeface is difficult to showing on the dark-blue background… Also, I finished the welcome banner for this event, it’s my first time to do this kind of design, so I put all of information inside of banner… And then, William told me that I don’t need put those informations, just need put the “Welcome” to it… LOL! I learned one more thing today > <

Tomorrow is last day of our training, and we need to presenting our creative project and group project. I hope everything will be OK!

One thought on “Day 6 Training Journey

  1. As a designer it is important to know what need to be put in our design, “less is more”, only provide enough information for your audience to understand the context. In your case, a welcome banner would not need the blurb about the event, if people are interested they can just walk in and check it out.
    Really nice job on the name tags, they are looking good.

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