Training Day 3 – Ashley Valera – January 11th

What did you learn today?

Today I learned about the proper etiquette for emailing clients. Part of this was how to write an intro email, how to address clients, keeping an email signature, and to always be friendly and courteous. I also learned about what to start thinking about and looking into when having the first meeting with the client, such as the kind of deliverables and deadlines. Another important part was making sure to cc emails to everyone involved in a project and the head of contacts. This ensures that everyone is kept in the loop of details and where the project is, leading to less confusion.

What were your challenges?

Having Erin, Arianna, and William look over my email I noticed again a habit I seem to have of making emails too long. I have to remind myself to keep emails short and clear to make it easier for the client/recipient to read through. Hopefully the more time I spend sending emails, the easier it will be for me to quickly notice this and shorten them.

I had expected to have a hard time making sure I progressed well with the Pantone project as I expressed yesterday. However keeping track of time and where I was progress wise helped me think about what I could accomplish within the day and what parts were more important to work on.

How did you help each other?

We helped each other by sharing some places of inspiration we each go to, explaining what things we look out for at places and websites. This gave some insight into my peers creative process and interests. I especially like that the design team all shares events and links to things they find inspiring and what they believe the rest of the team will enjoy. I think it keeps the team excited and always thinking, and helps engage everyone to build a stronger relationship.

One thought on “Training Day 3 – Ashley Valera – January 11th

  1. Hi Ashley,

    I could not have summed up the day any better. I know conveying your thoughts through email can be more difficulty than sharing them in person. If you read the email aloud to yourself, try to ask yourself a few questions:
    Does the email convey the message you are trying to explain?
    Is it straight to the point?
    Should I ask someone to read it over to see if it makes sense?
    I hope we were able to provide you with some insight to help when composing an email. I believe you will definitely get more comfortable sooner than you think.

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