Training Day 4 – Ashley Valera – January 12th

What did you learn today?

Today we got into more about setting up a contract that overviews a project. The contract will contain names of everyone involved in the project, the abstract/overview about what the project is and the goals of the project. It also contains the deliverables in which the project will be presented in such as posters or web banners. A timeline to the contract can be very important, especially for long projects, to help keep both the designer and client on track of what is expected and when meetings are.

Having copies of a contract can help reassure everyone what is expected by the end of the project and help avoid confusion on details. Adding in when the contract was updated last is a very smart touch to adding in my organization.

We also learned about what the process was of picking up prints from the reproduction center. We must make sure to give 3 days notice for any printing and when we go to pick up as for anything that is ready for Faculty Commons. This way work is taken to the office even if the work is down by another designer, keeping a strong teamwork link and helping hand.

What challenges did you have?

Today I had the challenge of some miscommunication with the Honors Scholars projects. Learning there were more posters then just the workshop poster I originally thought to be the main project confused me and what was expected of me with my client. However, reviewing the files and emails sent to me, and asking questions to clarify things helped me double check on which posters would be due first. Now I know what will be worked on and what I will have ready for my client meeting for Tuesday. I was very grateful Arianna and William were so patient with my questions!

I was also stuck on whether or not to email my client the edited files after they responded so quickly to my introduction email, since they were quick fixes. I held off on it to ask Arianna and William whether it was better to verify the time for the meeting then send the files in a separate email. Thankfully I did, as it made more sense to hold off and wait until my meeting to give my clients the chance to see what concepts I come up with in addition to the originals. Again, it was very helpful that they both took the time to help with my questions.

How did you help each other?

When we presented our Pantone Projects, William helped pointed out hard to see details on the font I was using, which I was happy about. They were very hard to catch and now I can make sure the project is more polished when I present to the team.

Personally a lot of patience helped me today, during all the questions I was asking throughout all the assignments. Making sure we were clear on the following week’s schedule I think helped Erin and myself, since now we are balancing multiple projects.

I think getting used to each other and seeing more of our personalities, especially through the Pantone project and inspiration meeting, is pushing us to further in on critique and review.

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