Training Day 2 – Ashley Valera – January 10th

What did you learn today?

Today I learned about the process of beginning a project with a client. We worked on starting research to help with brainstorming concepts. This included how to clearly sketch out concepts for the client to review easily. I also learned about the printing process when finishing the deliverables, how to contact and explain project details to the printer, and what to look out for when thinking about the final print(crop marks, test printing).

What were your challenges?

My challenges were making sure to push and use the full last hour to work on final touches for the poster project. I managed to add and work on all 3 concepts until review after making sure to finalize my chosen design. With the Pantone project, I’m trying to make sure not to brainstorm too much on ideas for the deliverable so that I will have enough time to fully complete the project on time. I’m using the breaks and timeframes given to help set those times I need to stop and finish up sketching.

How did you help each other?

We helped each other on what final touches we could try out for the poster project; some things we could try on different bodies of text. As well as looking out for small details to check up on, like the alignments of text boxes, bars, and elements. We also talked slightly about what we were brainstorming for the Pantone project, checking to see if what we were heading towards was a good start to jump off with.

2 thoughts on “Training Day 2 – Ashley Valera – January 10th

  1. Hi Ashley,
    You are showing great enthusiasm in wanting to be knowledgeable on the ways we work as part of the Faculty Commons design team. Continue to ask questions if you are unsure about something, it is a good way to learn. A Time management is a key component to a project. You always want to make sure you are allotting the most efficient time to each aspect of the project and it seems like you have a good sense of that. What I like to do is set mini goals for myself within a project where I would set a specific amount of time to a specific task and figure out what I want to accomplish by the end of the day. Good teamwork on the poster project. Being part of a team, we should always try to help each other excel and improve our skills. Looking forward to what you come up with on the pantone project.

  2. Hi Ashely,

    Thank you for being curious and challenging yourself throughout this training. I am glad you are thinking about how to formulate your ideas and being aware of your deadlines. Continue to be aware of that as you step into the Spring 2017 semester. Super excited to see what you come up with for the Pantone Project.

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