View from my Window (Assignment #1)


              To complete each part of assignment no. 1, I did as follows. When it came to drawing what was outside my window, it took me about two hours or less. This part was a bit frustrating for me because it was night time when I drew that view, so much detail wasn’t visible. Now for the second part, which was to draw twelve thumbnails, a quick ten to fifteen minutes process, was easy, but the catch was we had to draw in shapes, no lines. As well to draw quick and without thinking. Third part of this assignment was to to choose the best six thumbnails and pass them onto Bristol paper, to make a final drawing of the thumbnails and ink them. Of course, for this process, certain instructions were to be followed. This part took me about two days to complete, four to six hours, to make sure the margins were right and that the detailing was at its best. Doing the brush part alone, took me three hours and a half straight, to make sure no mistakes were made.

             Based on my fellow classmates’ critiques, I was able to choose the four most successful thumbnails, put them on the Bristol paper, make the cut outs and make sure that it was done right, following all given instructions. In the end of this project, I learned that from hard work, success and patience come easy. I am one of those people where patience is not my ”best friend”. I honestly did not think that this project would be so extensive; I had thought it was going to be something that would be done quick, just to show our abilities in Art. I learned new words that I’d never heard of and that group work is essential for this kind of project. Reason is because we are able to receive critique based on what has been done so far, and as an artist, I believe critique, suggestions, comments, and opinions are important because it will help us all become better at we want to be.

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