Aural Topographies: Visualizing sound (Assignment #2)

              I hear a techno kind of beat. Straight or jagged lines, the bass sounds like heavy circles being dropped and electronic sound that would look like squares being placed on something. There is a pattern where it goes from low to high and it represents lines going up and down in a kind of curved motion. There are some vocals that sound like ovals being drawing smoothly. Now sound starts to vary and it may just look like a bunch of heavy dots being placed on a flat surface harshly. Sharp edges and smoothed out circles to slow down the sound.

                 A steady line, then it goes up and down because now the bass has been introduced. The bass adds a thickness and heaviness to sound, almost unbearable but it looks like a really big geometric shape, as in a rectangle. Now cut of lines to make it look like dashes to separate sound in a way. Now it sounds as if some words to be sung, but they are being played by a piano, giving it a feel of smoothly upward drawn lines.

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