Your Greatest Professional Accomplishment

Edwin Quizhpi- Blog #3

One of my major accomplishments was when a Cell Site in Brooklyn went down (out of service) and I worked with RF engineers to bring it back up before a specific deadline. My manager informed me of a site that crashed overnight and I went to visit the cell, as that weekend there was a special event in Brooklyn; The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. After being there the entire day troubleshooting, driving back and forth from cell site to cell site, I finally verified the issue. The cable from our Base Station to the Microwave on the antenna pole was fried. This caused the site outage in Brooklyn. I cover the Queens area but I still went ahead and worked with different RF Engineers and contractors to restore this Cell Site. Even though I did not have an assigned work ticket to complete this site I stayed on site as it is a high priority to bring this site up before 6/20/15. For this team I go the extra mile to always keep the Brooklyn/Queens Market in top shape. This is an example of when I went the extra mile staying on site for 2days in order to restore the Network. This happened today, the site is now in service and processing calls.

Yes I do believe my response will measure up in an interview since this site would not come up for 2 days. The specific task of this problem was to investigate the outage and bring the site back up. When restoring the Cell Site in Coney Island our end-users can make calls without any issues or drops. In case of an emergency the Sprint customers will be able to reach 911 right away as the Cell is processing calls. Once I arrived on site I performed every step to bring the site up, I power-cycled the Base Station, reset the AC temperature, informed RF, and visited the Dominate Cell which provides the backhaul to the Coney Island Site. My role specific role was as an FSO (Field Service Operations) was to troubleshoot. The actual result was that after I informed the Project Managers that my troubleshooting isolation all led to either a back Microwave or an out of reach cable, the next day the PM ( Project Manager) send Contractors to replace the faulty out of reach equipment, and eventually the site came up. This took place June 2015, and took about two days of repairments. The environment for this objective in terms of pace was within a deadline date of 06/20. This was a very high priority within the Brooklyn Market, as I worked with RF Engineers, many Project Managers (including my Manager) and Contractors. This issue was within the eyes of many Top Managers, and it was my job and my co-workers to bring the site up. All in all, this story was one of my greatest accomplishments thus far.

Your Achiever Personae

Blog # 2: 6/11/15

The achiever personae is the one who gets recognized for their outstanding performance on the job by getting rapid promotions, bigger projects, and being assigned the toughest issues on the job that a same level person would not be able to handle. These are just a few examples that make up a top notch achiever, and what hiring managers need to look for when hiring people for a job. A professional achiever takes on multiple projects at a time, and leads a team who demonstrates successful results because of the leader( achiever). They are involved in big decision making when it comes to getting things done, and are recognized early in their career. A professional achiever is more than just smart, they are passionate in what they do every day they get on the job. In this job, as a Field Tech,  it is hard to get recognized for the work you put in, unless you have been here for 5 years +. However, with my 2 years here with Ericsson I believe I do have an achiever personae ( a little) . Out of all the new hires who came on board around the same time I did, my manager puts me in charge of the high priority tickets ( jobs) because he knows I complete the job on time with successful results. I received a $1 bonus raise after being with Ericsson for 1 year, and I believe this demonstrates an achiever personae. I still have a lot to learn to build my achiever personae, like getting involved in more projects, taking the jobs the senior techs do not want to take care of, and communicating with the boss a lot more. I want to be the guy everyone calls when they need help getting work done, the guy other techs feel comfortable working with. I know I am that guy and I just want to continue doing what I do, take on more challenges, and be the top notch in my field.

ENG 3771-E348: Performance-Based Hiring

Edwin Quizhpi- Blog #1

Performance-based hiring is about making the appropriate and proper business decision when interviewing a candidate for a job. When it comes to the hiring managers and recruiters It is not about knowing that the candidate can meet the requirements for the job, but that the candidate demonstrates the short and long term aspects of the job properly, and retains this passion in the long run. Many times the wrong candidate gets hired due to the job description being listed rather than long term objectives. For the top people to be hired, the hiring managers need to participate in this “Performance-based hiring” process, removing the weak with the strong.

When I got hired as a Field Technician for Ericsson I was being interviewed by a recruiter first, then the hiring manager. Not a lot of steps from “Performance-based hiring” was being demonstrated during my interview. I had technical skills, knowledge, and educational background which mad me a strong candidate at that point, however with performance-based hiring I believe It would have been more challenging for me. I see myself constructing my professional identity by looking forward to accomplishments (in the long run) rather then requirements in potential jobs. Going forward is should be about a job I really deserve,the compensation should be the last thing on my mind as a professional. When it comes to being a strong candidate, It is all about looking for a career move. This is how a hiring manager should make their decision when looking for the right candidate. At this point in my career I should be looking at the long-term opportunities in jobs rather then my obtained skills and knowledge. When job seeking I will follow the “decision-making process” demonstrated in this book, and I believe It really is about my long-term impact in the company rather then pay and experience. This is my understanding from “Performance-based hiring”.