Garveys Hardware

Garveys Hardware
583 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Walking into Garveys Hardware, you are immediately greeted by one of the workers or the manager himself, Alester Garvey. They have a variety of products such as spray paint, grout and compound, an entire wall of different types of nails, basic house/shop tools, plumbing equipment, sheetrock and lumber, and even strips of moulding. As I walked around the store, I noticed a lot of items that I already own in my tool bag, as well as tools found within the shop in the school. Tools such as: many types of tape measures, pliers, wrenches, putty knives, handsaws, and personal protection equipment. Their top seller is a 7 ¼” Skillsaw Circular Saw. They also sell replacement blades for the circular saw, which comes in different options for specific projects. And if you happen to need some tool holsters or kneepads they have those too. However, they do carry products for the average home projects or basics like cooking pots and pan, or house cleaning products. Key copying is also available here.

11998254_10207304084027742_1834032764_nThis was my first time inside this hardware store, but finding things was fairly simple. It can be intimidating when you first walk in. The storefront is small but as you enter you are amazed as to how big the store actually is. But don’t worry; if you have any questions the staff will be of assistance. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, especially the manager. The store is two blocks away from my house however, I’ve never been inside. I would go to Home Depot or Lowes for my supplies. What makes the store special is that Garvey’s Hardware has been in Crown Heights, Brooklyn since 1969. With the vast changing of the Crown Heights neighborhood, this is one of the shops in the area that have been there the longest. And while I was there, many of the long time locals came in and greeted Mr. Garvey as they were walking by. The products within the shop were reasonably priced, though some may say it’s a bit pricy. But with the recent rent increase in the neighborhood, it’s understandable why. It goes to show you that the local hardware store can be a gem if you just walk in.

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