Cut List/ Lumber Order 1

Cut List/Lumber Order 1

Make construction drawings, a lumber order, and cut lists from designer drawing CL-1.  Include a cut list for every flat, and make a list of the lumber that would need to be purchased to build these flats.  Include all the information necessary to make sure that you get the materials you want.

Checklist for your reference:

Turn in the following items on Oct 15:

  • Your copy of CL-1 with any notes you have made on it
  • Construction drawings, on one or more 18”x24” plates
  • A cut list sheet for each flat
    • A .pdf of the cut list sheet and plate CL-1 are available on Openlab.
  • A typed lumber order for all of the materials necessary to complete the project.
    • Show your work.
    • Give enough information that someone could call up a lumber yard and actually get the correct materials using your list.

Grading Criteria

You will be graded on the completeness and accuracy of your work.  These documents would be shown to other carpenters in the shop working on this project, so they must be legible.  Neatness counts.

Drawing CL-1: CL1-2014

Blank Cut List Sheet: Cut Sheet

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