Class Community & Course Texts

Class Community

Please be respectful of your peers’ ideas even (especially!) in critique; all students should feel comfortable exploring new ways of thinking in an environment that is safe and adventurous. Even if new ideas make you uncomfortable or angry (and since we learn about systemic injustice, some of them ought to), you’ll engage them openly and actively.

I ask that we all use inclusive language in all discussion and work: this means being attentive to and respectful of gender, race, origin, sexuality, and socioeconomic status. (I encourage you to use the singular “they” in place of the generic “he;” the latter erases women and non-binary folks. We will talk more in our course discussions about why this matters.) Please also avoid using words that may disrespect or discriminate against another person (or group of people) based on their race, gender identity or expression, class, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or any other distinguishing or minoritized characteristics.

Course Site & Course Texts

You are expected to check our course site regularly for any announcements about required readings and any potential/unforeseen schedule changes. You will also regularly discuss topics as well as respond to questions on the course site. You will need your City Tech email account to create an account on the OpenLab.

All readings for this course are available electronically on our OpenLab. Our textbook, Writing in College (Guptill), is available online and downloadable as an XML file. We will read many other handouts and articles on writing, as well as academic and popular articles about gender.

For this course, you will also need:

  • Access to a computer, Internet, and printer. (These are all available to you in the library if you do not have them at home.)
  • Physical or digital access to ALL readings for the class in which they are assigned. While I recognize that you may do your reading on your phone outside of class, and while we may sometimes use our phones for in-class assignments, you will not be permitted to use your phone as your vehicle for readings in class.
  • Access to the Circulating Collection, the Reserves, and the Databases at the Ursula C. Schwerin Library for supplemental and research materials. You must also validate your CUNY Library ID.
  • Access to an online writing guide, such as the Online Writing Lab:
  • A college-level dictionary, such as the American Heritage Dictionary—an online dictionary such as can suffice; please be ready to use either or both during class time.

You may use a laptop or tablet for the in-class writing assignments on Thursdays, or you may hand write them.