A Note on This Site

Hi folks! Welcome to our virtual classroom!

Please take some time to click around over the next few days and familiarize yourself with where things are. Most of the content is from our syllabus, which I’m sure you’ve already read carefully (and if you haven’t, you will have by Tuesday). I want to flag, though, that this space is where I will post announcements throughout the semester, such as any reading changes or updates and any possible adjustments to assignments. You should be sure to check it several times a week, and to set your email settings in OpenLab so that you get notifications of my posts.

The Welcome post you need to respond to for Tuesday, though, is over here, in the Discussion Forum. This is where all of our OpenLab discussions will live (so this forum is where you will place all of your OpenLab homework assignments).

And, as I wrote on the Syllabus page, you’ll want to regularly check the Course Calendar page, here, where reading changes will live. We already have one, since I’m sure most of you haven’t been able to activate your library access yet. As a result, we will read Williams’ interview with Halberstam for Tuesday 9/4 instead of Thursday 8/30.

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  1. Hi this is Kenneth
    The text Gender and Genitals: Constructs of Sex and Gender has influenced my view of gender. It showed me that the two genders male and female are viewed differently because of society labeling and denotes a gender with masculine or feminine phrases. It also helps prove butlers point by showing that females get denoted in society with its feminine words

  2. Salim and Omesh,

    Please place your comments on the post I’ve labeled as Welcome in the Discussion Forum; I mentioned in class last week that the Discussion Forum is where we are holding our OpenLab conversations.

    Prof. A

  3. Hello everybody, my name is Omesh Persaud. Playing video games is my favorite hobby to do. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering and love to sleep a lot. I used to do track but I want to focus on my studies.

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