(Formal) Assignments & Grade Breakdown

Formal assignments are numbered and in bold below; you’ll see that all informal assignments also count in your grade calculations (and as part of your participation grade).

  • Close Reading Essay [3 pages, on Muñoz] (due Thursday, Oct. 4) 15% Assignment sheet
  • Article Analysis Essay [4-5 pages, on Lorde] (due Thursday, Nov. 1) 20% Assignment sheet

2a. Research Paper Thesis, Revised Thesis, Outline, & Proposal 5%

  • Final Exam (Thursday, Dec. 20) 20%
  • Research Essay [5-6 pages on chosen topic] (due Thursday, Dec. 20) 20% Assignment sheet

Participation (In Class & OpenLab Posts) 20%

Note: Passing ENG 1101 is contingent upon attendance, satisfactory class participation, the successful completion of assignments, and the final exam. You must pass the final to pass the course. An F on the final will result in an automatic F for the course; conversely, passing the final does not mean that you will pass the course.

Formal Assignment Formatting

Papers must be double-spaced and in a legible font (such as Times New Roman or Arial) no larger than size 12, and must include page numbers, a heading, and a title. Please submit as a .doc or .docx (Word) file. You can access Word for free through City Tech, or you can download a free, open-source program that also produces .doc files, such as OpenOffice.

Formal Assignment Submission

You must hand in all papers on Dropbox by 5 PM on the due date. Late assignments will drop your grade by a third of a letter grade for each day late (so an A- paper handed in four days late automatically becomes a C+), and I will stop accepting papers one week after the due date. Incomplete assignments can lower your grade by as much as a full letter grade. Please save your paper with a filename that includes the number of the class, your name, and the assignment (for example, mine would be 1101_HAshton_Analytical; yours will obviously include your initial and last name instead). I really appreciate you doing this correctly, as it makes my grading life a lot easier.

To submit your paper on Dropbox, upload it here: https://tinyurl.com/1101papers.


If you receive a C or lower on any paper, you may revise it, and I will take the higher grade into account; you have one week after the day you receive your graded first draft from me to complete and return your revisions, and any late penalties you may have incurred still apply. Depending on the quality of your revision, you can improve your original grade by up to one full letter grade. All revisions must be accompanied by three to four robust paragraphs describing the revision choices you made and your revision experience.