These will be the 4 major writing assignments this semester. Located below, there will be a brief description of the assignments and the date when certain drafts of them will be due.


Literary Narrative-

Within each of us, there are stories. These stories are constantly growing and changing. Oftentimes, experiences from the past shape them. However, sometimes, what is ahead of us alters the path these stories are taking. In some cases, they may be warped by influences from the outside world, but there are instances where our stories make those changes to it.

One specific tale that all of us can tell is about our relation to literacy. There are some instances that may have been struggles, but the lessons learned from them turned into the foundations to every confident decision we will ever make as writers. However, both are important to explore and rediscover for all of us to come to understand who we are now and who we will be as writers. What were those instances that spurred you on, and what were the stumbling points? Were there individuals that helped you every step of the way, or were they a rare occurrence in your life that you cherished? Where we are/were, who we are/were, and what is/was going on in the world also shape/d us. Pick one point in your educational past and express how some of these factors may have influenced you then up until now. Please discuss within 4 pages.

Due dates:

First Draft- 2/12

Final Draft with Reflection- 2/19



Discourse Community Assignment-

The old saying goes, “before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes,” but what is that criticism when one has already walked that mile? When one is within a discourse community, it is just communication from within. In addition, that critique is re-purposed as information to be used for feedback with the rest of its members.

So, for this piece, you will be asked to put on some new hats, and possibly some old ones. Try and imagine how sets of information can be expressed and shared within a particular discourse community.Would a fan of a sports team talk about a game in a different way than a sports caster would? Is the way we talk with our friends about topics different than how we would discuss them with our close family members? You will be asked to express this distinctly in three separate parts, but all in one paper. Take one topic, within 6 pages, and express this in the way three separate communities would.

Due Dates:

First Draft- 3/4

Second Draft- 3/18

Final Draft with Reflection-4/13


Proposal and Annotated Bibliography-

Final Draft- 4/26


Argumentative Research Assignment-

In this world, many views and opinions are thrown about carelessly. Sometimes, they are pushed forward aggressively without proper backing or consideration for all sides. For an argument to be just that, it must have proper backing and, to one extent or another, also provide the other side of the issue one is writing about.

For this paper, you may choose to pick any topic you find important: personally, based on the field of your future academic pursuits, or just something that you are passionate about or interested in that you would like to explore more. For whatever reason, please make sure to give all sides a voice, but you must take a stance that pushes forward your purpose for this essay. Please do so within 6 pages.

Due Dates:

First Draft-4/29

Final Draft with Final Reflection- 5/3


Reflection Assignment-

There is no such thing as a final draft, as some may say. Even when you put the last period on a page, one can still go back, revise, comment, extend, and, most importantly, all writing is built and builds upon itself. Papers are somewhat like organs in a body. All are important and represent the whole. As such, the development of one may influence the health and/or qualities of others in the future.

You will be asked after you write each assignment this semester to reflect upon them in no less than 2 pages. Reflection can incorporate many aspects. You can look back at the process of that paper. You can blend in portions from your literacy journals to show the development of the piece, and possibly what influenced your choices. You can even look into what’s next and how those pieces will connect with future work you will do. All in all, discover, examine, reexamine, imagine, and find purpose in your writing. In total, 2 pages per assignment, please submit this as a 6-page assignment.

Final Draft-5/3