I can relate to this topic since my family mainly my parents and relatives who came from another country that only spoke Chinese, I would say, learning another language can be quite difficult especially with translating words from Chinese To English. When my mother tried learning English her accent was getting in the way with her pronunciation and I couldn’t understand. Not to mention my pronunciation with a certain words, especially big *ss words with more than a dozen letters can be difficult. I wouldn’t say English was a difficult language since I grew up speaking it more than my native language. Since I spoke English more often, things became more difficult trying to speak towards my native people especially in public places. I couldn’t speak to my fellow Chinese natives at the local supermarket and I couldn’t get the snacks I wanted. It was a loss.

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  1. You know it’s actually interesting because I am Mexican myself and there were some things that I had never heard of.Throughout her story she mentioned how she from Texas, or at least I’m pretty sure she did.If that’s the case then that explains a whole lot because Texas is a whole other world.I will say though there was a lot that I could relate to.Us as Mexicans, yeah we got picked on a whole lot.Because at the end of the day I think that we’re an amazing group of people.There were some parts in her story that made me frown but overall I felt more than welcome to read her story, to get to know her.

  2. Honestly the passage was very intense.For something that goes into humor it was very serious. There were parts that were interesting but it went very into the topic.
    The breakdown of women and men and how they received jokes.How women got offended by what was jokes kind of dissing them.The studies were very detailed,I just didn’t know how much it took to come to an understanding like that.

  3. The part that I agree with in the article is when it’s okay to make a joke about something when your not being malicious about it.I think I’m sensitive to all things gay, so like a joke and homophobia was brought up.For this passage as well there was a lot of research done,a lot of what’s behind what’s actually going on.Pretty much it broke down the different topics and how if the joke is expected then it’s not that funny.Whats funny and why it would be funny.For me a joke is not that funny because a lot of the times it tends to be more offensive.

  4. In the article I thought it was so crazy how it is not illegal to be racist with video games.I will say, however that it comes to no surprise for me, once again it is deemed as acceptable.

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