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Course Description:

Welcome to the class. In English 1101, students will add onto the fundamentals they come into the class with and will combine the new and old to eventually use them together as writers working towards their future goals. This will be done by analyzing what students have achieved in the past, what they are doing within the class, and what they want to use these both towards. Students will be asked to read, listen, and write in a wide array of genres and within different rhetorical situations to this end.

Change, growth, and the reason behind and for both will be the core of our class. Some assignments will ask you to address your own personal change/growth, and others will be centered around change/growth within one piece(altering, shifting, and re-purposing it for a particular audience or discourse community). All assignments will build towards a piece that will be a culmination of all the skills learned throughout the semester that students will use throughout their academic careers.