Journal 8


Another experience I had that I felt I learned from at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during my internship was the website launch. As part of the re-brand of BNYthere was a meeting held with the external affairs and a partnered tenant organization (also within the yard) who designed the website and presented the ux/ui experience to us. Although the website was never launched while I was at the Navy Yard – I still felt I was apart of it especially because I was able to see revisions and see how / why the ux/ui was designed specifically to not only aligned to be on brand with the navy yard but have a professional look and user experience for clients/users and job seekers. I was able to work partially on the website revisions by contacting and researching current  tenants and organizations and adding / sending their info to a file in which would be sent to Radish lab (website designer organization) in order for them to update etc. before the official website launch.