Journal #10


I currently use an app called Behance Display. This app is an app that connects your behance and displays your work(s) in a professional manner / look, especially in a time of need. If you’re wondering how I may find it to be so convenient – I would state the obvious…  well its an app that can carry your digital portfolio anywhere/everywhere on the go or even at a last minute networking event etc. The pro to this app and using bechance over a personal website or adobe portfolio is that you don’t need to wait for your website to load or switch from page to page (works/self initiated etc) and on your business card (if you have any) you can include your behance which will also serve as a digital portfolio for you for free. Behance display is available for iPhone/ios users and android users as well. I would rate the app 4/5 – being that although it does serve as a convenient app that does not take up too much storage on your phone – I find it sort of inconvenient that Behance has another app called “Behance” that is separate from behance display and would rather the two be integrated.