APC-NYC: Rising Stars + Mentors educational / networking event (2/2)


This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend the rising stars & mentors 2018 event at the new school located in NY, NY. There were a total of 7 panelist speakers during the panel discussion and a Q&A with industry professionals who were all from different companies or who had different occupations / job titles.

The panel discussion and Q&A lasted for the first couple of hours which was eventually followed by a networking get-together (that included food and refreshments) which included both the panelists and audience members.

The panel discussion was moderated by a GCSF mentor/member – Jimmy – who asked many questions on behalf of all  professionals on the panel.

Some important topics of discussion that I felt helped me learn more about “work-life” and gave me a lot more insight about the industries of design and production were:

  1. The balance between work and life (family and hobbies)
  2. how and when to appropriately approach the short-term/long-term life goals (in terms of career path)
  3. what / how success if perceived in the eyes of millennial vs old/new generations (new media , technology and adapting to change)
  4. why it is so important to do what you love – (because you can do it good and won’t get bored or feel lost in terms of career choice/midlife crisis).

After the Discussion there were very few questions asked but that did not come as a surprise to me because of how well the event was not only moderated but also how much / many topics were covered and talked about thoroughly…




Following the panel and q&a was a networking event in which I was able to speak with some of my GCSF colleagues as well as panelists.

I spoke to / connected with a few panelist speakers from the event which include John Mozzarella – art director at patients & purpose (potential MTP for art and design club), Jenifer Walter (creative directer – founder of lucky magazine) and Ali Weidmann (production assistant at Showtime network – who is also a potential MTP speaker not to mention she was the youngest panelist speaker – only a few years out of college).