Learn Through Failure

BNY Logo

Since the begining of my employment at the Yard I have been learning a lot about re-branding of the Brooklyn Navy Yard as well as gaining a well rounded experience for me as an designer. I consider myself a young professional and feel even more confident when referring to myself as a graphic designer because I have gained experience and knowledge including soft skills to prove and a broader network to prove it. I have also become more fluent with my professional verbal language and body language from working at the yard and interacting with other employees and professionals who I speak with, network with or those in which I feel the need to leave a good lasting impression with. One thing that I have always kept in mind throughout my experience at the Brooklyn Navy Yard as a graphic designer is problem solving.

I have learned to ask less questions, not that asking questions is a bad thing – and I have learned how to creatively and persistently come up with solutions no matter my tasks and duties. I seek to solve my own problems because I dislike the feeling of not getting things done or completing tasks that I know I could or should have finished in a shorter span of time. But when I simply can’t complete a task in time – I consider it a lesson that I learned from “failing”. I consider failure a necessity. Failure is the seed of knowledge, it creates roots to knowledge and eventually experience. Good or bad – failure is what makes a person human. People make mistakes but in my opinion a mistake should never be repeated excessively and instead should be a process of learning – it is important to learn from your mistakes – but most of all never be afraid to fail!